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...providing residential and commercial landscape design services in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia with design specialties in Site Planning, Forest Conservation and Neo-Eclectic Garden Design.

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Site Planning
  • Residential Landscape Design
  • Environmental Site Design
  • Forest Conservation Planning

Landscape design is a process that ideally begins with the land. A thorough analysis of the typography, hydrology, views, micro-climates and other features can and should dramatically guide the planning of the site. The analysis determines the feasibility of the project, the location of planned buildings, walkways, terraces, drives, parking, recreation, and safe conveyance of storm water drainage. As concepts are developed, the landscape design is refined to give detail to material selections and configuration. Plant materials are selected to create spaces, enhance the environmental comfort and provide shade. Lighting is proposed for safety and aesthetics. Wayfinding signage is considered for identification and direction. The many aspects of the landscape are combined into a comprehensive plan for the proposed development.

A well-designed site answers the visitor’s questions. Are we at the right location? Where do I turn in? How far will I have to walk and by the way, where is the front door? Where can I park? The answers to these questions should be immediately determined and can be done so with intelligent site planning. Thorough site planning is critical to a project staying on time, on budget, and meeting goals of all stake holders. With PostModern Landscape Architecture’s attention to detail, knowledge of environmental constraints and regulatory familiarity, clients benefit in site planning. We focus on providing sound natural resource protection and site enhancement services for projects ranging from siting a single residence to multi-facility institutions.

Service Areas:

  • House Siting
  • Driveway/Roadway Alignment
  • Site Land Planning
  • Site Feasibility Assessment
  • Site Development Environmental Analysis

What surrounds your home is just as important as what is on the inside. A well-designed landscape compliments the architecture and provides for the useful enjoyment of your entire property. But you knew that already and that is why you are perusing this web site. The same attention to detail given to your kitchen or bathroom should parlay into the presentation of your home from the street, the entertainment spaces of the backyard or the flower garden outside the den window. Mr. Post has designed hundreds of landscapes and gardens in the DC metro area over a career of 27 years. Selecting from various historic styles, PostModern Landscape Architecture will design a landscape that is appropriate and purposeful reflecting the local architecture and geography and your cultural background.

Since May, 2010, the State of Maryland has been enforcing new requirements for stormwater runoff. These new regulations include an emphasis on water infiltration into the ground naturally, rather than being channeled through pipes or into storage ponds. These regulations require changes in how development is planned and rely heavily on experienced landscape architects and environmental planners. Environmental Site Design (ESD), sometimes referred to as Environmentally Sensitive Design, is a specific area of expertise of PostModern Landscape Architecture, bringing together both creative landscape design skills as well as strong environmental planning experience.

Scope of Services:

  • Environmentally Sensitive Landscape Architecture
  • Native Planting Design
  • Shoreline Planting
  • Vegetated Swale Design
  • Bio-Retention Pond Planting Design

The Maryland Forest Conservation Law requires Forest Conservation Plans (FCP) and Forest Stand Delineations (FSD) for properties greater than 40,000 square feet. Only Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Qualified Forest Conservation Professionals, licensed landscape architects, and licensed foresters are able to submit FCP’s and FSD’s. If the existing forest cannot be retained, afforestation or reforestation plans must be prepared and defended.

As a Licensed Landscape Architect, Mr. Post is able to bring together both the ability to develop landscape plans as well as the preparation of documents to meet the Forest Conservation requirements for properties that must comply with this law. With over 20 years of forest conservation planning experience and over 27 years of landscape architecture experience, Mr. Post has a high level of success in getting forest conservation plans approved in various Maryland jurisdictions.

Scope of Services:

  • Natural Resource Inventories and Forest Stand Delineations
  • Forest Conservation Plans
  • Forest Conservation Exemption Applications
  • Tree Save Plans
  • Forest bank planning
  • Forest mitigation planting plans